Lemonade Braids

By Amber Monaé

With the weather getting warmer it’s time to showcase a new hairstyle trend… the Lemonade braids aka side box braids. Beyoncé has worn braids very early in her career but most recently brought them back in a popular way with the release of her lemonade album, where she rocked a variation of styles. One style we have seen her in the most are the side box braids so much so that they are now being requested by many clients. Take a look (more…)

Faux Locs Trend

Image result for zendaya with locs

This time of year can be pretty hard on our hair so many retrieve to protective styling to get them through the harsh temps. One protective style that has caught on are the faux locs. Some feel it is a dig towards individuals that grow their locs naturally whereas others just look at it as trying a different look. See how some celebs have been wearing it through the year (more…)

Heat Wave Hair


How are you guys doing in this heat wave that’s taken over NY?! How is your make-up and hair holding up? I finally tried the halo braid that I mentioned in a previous post here . It is definitely a simple easy hairstyle that I probably will continue throughout the year. There are many different ways to wear it, next time I will add hair for more drama. A little drama ain’t never hurt nobody!