Nike has Hart

 Kevin Hart is becoming more than just a comedian. With many movies to his roster, he is now getting in with the fitness industry which typically wouldn’t be open to him. Kevin doesn’t have the athletic build that would bring so much attention to health yet he has all with the help of Nike.


This all started when Kevin was on tour in Boston where he decided for the first to go for a run. He tweeted just that to his millions of followers and 300 people showed up. So he decided while on tour that he will continue to run and tweet to invite his fans to get fit with him. What started off with 300 people has now grown to about 10,000 and that is where Nike came in to partner with Kevin to help build his brand and create a structure as the crowd  grew more than expected. Star Power!

So how does a non-athlete get a partnership with a giant like Nike? He thinks BIG quite simply, why stay in one lane when you can dominate all. This is perfect for his fans to see someone like him getting into the best shape ever which can be motivating. I believe that is the overall objective… motivate regular people by using a regular guy and show them what can be possible.

So when you see Kevin in the gym or running on the road better believe he will be decked out in all Nike…Just Do It!


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