Get Cosign!

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Last night I had the pleasure of attending an event for a new app called, Cosign. Cosign is a lifestyle app that allows you to monetize your social media post. Here is how it works; you set up an account, post pictures to it and list the brand of clothes you are wearing and from there you share it on different social media outlets. Your friends and followers can then click on the picture you post and it will list the store where they too can purchase the item. Once a purchase has been made due to your post you will be rewarded. Cosign has partnered with over 1200 brands and retailers and have 13 million products in their database.

I got to speak with co-founder Esosa Ighodaro to learn more about the app and how it came to fruition. She gave me a great overview and stated it was possible with the help of Kickstarter. So there you have it people if you have an idea or vision for something keep pushing forward and try your hand at other avenues for funding…Stay Creative. Esosa advised, that the whole process from start to finish was an 18 month ordeal and after last night it was well worth it and a complete success. Good luck with the app!

The event was well organized and heavily attended by fashion bloggers, designers and public relation associates. The attendees sampled hors d’oeuvres catered by Feisty Flavor Catering and they showcase how delicious flavors can change something as simple as a cracker.

     image image image
l to r: white bean hummus w/sundried tomatoes, curry chicken w/pineapples and nutella w/strawberry cream cheese, all on a pretzel crisp.
        image image image 
l to r: co-founders of Cosign, myself with business partner Akela, myself with designer Laquan Smith (who I mistook for a stylist…omg insert foot in mouth, never again)


All in all a great night. The mantra of the app, you post selfies why not get paid for them.


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